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Make Money From Writing
Frequently Asked Questions

I've received quite a few questions from people who want to know more about the mentoring program, so I've done my best to list the most frequently asked questions on this page.  I hope you’ll find them helpful.  These answers are available for you to refer back to whenever you need to.  If you have a question that has not been answered here, please contact me at


The Mentoring Program

Emails and eclasses


Guarantees and payments

Affiliate program



No. You don't need to be a published author or have a college education in writing to earn money as an online freelance writer.  You just need the ability to write clear and simple sentences on a variety of topics. 

That's the beauty of the internet.  Anything you want to know is at your fingertips.  As an online freelance writer, you'll need to develop research skills that help you locate reliable sources of information to use when you are not familiar with the topic you are writing about.  You'll need the ability to read information and then write what you've learned in your own words for your client.

The Make Money From Writing program is not a race.  You can move through the program at your own pace.  Each week, an eclass will be delivered to your email.  You can work through the information as your schedule allows.  When you're ready for the next class, you just click the link in the next email and you'll be taken directly to that eclass.   You can also go back to a previous eclass whenever you want to review the information.

As you progress through the eclasses the information you have learned will have a compound effect.  Every week, you'll learn a little more and as you complete the exercises of each class, you'll be growing your own online freelance writing business.  When you follow the techniques and instructions provided in the eclasses, you'll start seeing results in the form of paid writing assignments and your ability to increase your client base.

The Mentoring Program

Each week, an eclass is delivered to your email.  From the first eclass on, you'll receive easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.  Most eclasses will be in text form, but some will be delivered as video or audio files.  All classes will give you the skills and knowledge you need to build your own successful writing business.

You can move through the program at a pace that is comfortable for your lifestyle.  If you're just too busy one week to work on your eclass, you can save it and access it when you do have time.

No, it doesn’t make any difference what part of the world you live in. You only need access to a computer that is connected to the Internet so you can receive your eclasses. For your convenience, you can also use the Internet to access the “Members Only Site”, with the username and password that is sent to you when you join the program.

Some people may be able to spend the time and effort teaching themselves how to get clients and get enough paid work to turn their writing into a career.  Most people don't have the time or knowledge of the online world necessary to find their way.  The Make Money From Writing program is designed to hold your hand through the process, and help you avoid making costly mistakes as you learn what you have to do to turn writing into a money making business. This program takes you from the very beginning and develops your skills one step at a time.

Plus, as a Private Member of the Make Money From Writing mentoring program, you also receive a paid assignment upon joining, and the possibility of additional work through me on a subcontracting basis.  This means when my own workflow is more than I can handle personally, I hire writers to help me meet the deadlines.

And if you need some personal one on one coaching from me, we can arrange a phone coaching session.

  • When I join the mentoring program, am I committed for a certain length of time?

No- you can stay a member of the program for as long as you want.  You receive an eclass every week.  If you ever find they’re no longer valuable to you, you can simply unsubscribe.

Emails and eclasses

  • How frequently do I get the eclasses?

You'll receive an email with a link to your current eclass once a week. 

  • I'm pretty busy! How much time do I need to work through each of the eclasses in your mentoring program?

The eclasses are organized so that if you are working full time you should still have enough time to complete one each week.  You will be given a “homework” assignment to complete before the next eclass to reinforce or put into place what we've just covered in the eclass.  Don't think of this as homework like you would get if you were in school, though.  These exercises are what take you from wanting to make money as a writer to owning and operating your own freelance writing business.

The great thing about this type of mentoring program is that you don’t need to do it all at once. You can stop and start according to your own pace and scheduling needs.

  • Can I access previous eclasses when I join?

This program has been designed to build your writing business step-by-step. Each eclass assumes that you have already completed the previous ones, but you can easily access a previous class at any time if you need to review or you have fallen behind.


  • What if I don’t understand something in one of the eclasses?

We've done everything possible to make each of the eclasses easy to follow and easy to implement, but if you find yourself struggling with a particular concept or just need a little more information, please email us at info@makemoneyfromwriting.comand we will try to make it clearer for you.

  • Can I phone you for help?

If you need some one on one coaching to help you understand a particular step in the process and we are unable to clarify it sufficiently for you via email, then please email us at to arrange a coaching session via the phone or Internet.

Guarantees and payments

  • How do I pay the monthly subscription?

Your monthly subscription amount will be deducted automatically from your nominated credit card or bank account.

  • How secure is your payment processing?

We use standard secure socket layer processing, similar to any website you've purchased items from online

  • How do I cancel my membership?

You can email us and let us know that you want to stop your membership.  Or you can click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any of the emails that come from the mentoring program.  You will no longer receive eclasses and emails from us at this point.

  • How long does the program last?

The program takes the form of weekly eclasses and will initially cover what you need to get started, the types of freelance writing work you can do, how to get your first paid assignment and then move into more advanced strategies for securing the success of the business over the long term.

Our aim is to continue to provide useful information presented in an interesting and stimulating way so that our members will always look forward to receiving their next eclass because they see real value in what we are providing. When members actively participate in the eclasses they receive, results are immediate.

Here is a sample of some of the eclass topics that members receive:

  • What's needed to get started as an online freelance writer
  • Types of freelance work available
  • How to create accounts where people are posting writing jobs
  • Get your first paid project
  • Setting your rates & fees
  • When you aren't making enough money to pay the bills
  • How to accept credit card payments and other forms of online payments
  • Creating a Mailing List
  • Why you need a blog and/or website
  • Brand yourself as an author expert
  • Getting higher paying assignments
  • How to keep your deadlines
  • Unique marketing for online writers
  • Setting up your workspace for optimum productivity
  • Ghostwriting
  • Record keeping for Tax season
  • Make your blog work for you
  • How to reduce the possibility of a client that doesn't pay
  •  Create your own newsletter
  • Should you specialize?
  • When to increase your rates
  • Tools and resources for productivity
  • Dividing time between paid writing projects and writing you want to be doing
  • Social websites and social bookmarking

Affiliate program

  • The mentoring program sounds awesome!  How do I become an affiliate?  What commissions do you pay?

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