Make Money From Writing
Looking for Ongoing and Passive Income?

Who wouldn't like to do something once and get paid over and over for their efforts?  That's passive income, and you can earn it with the Make Money From Writing Affiliate Program.

What is the Make Money From Writing Mentoring Program?

It's a membership site that delivers weekly eclasses to teach simple and effective strategies for building a successful online freelance writing business.

I know that writer's are often disappointed at their inability to make money from their efforts.  I know that getting a book published is a long and often drawn-out process that may never happen.  I know that writers love to write and if they could just earn a living from writing, they could finally say they love their jobs.  That's what the Make Money From Writing mentoring program does for writers.

I also know that there are parents and people who are dying to work from home.  People who are struggling to make ends meet and are just looking for a way to bring additional income into their households.  The Make Money From Writing mentoring program does this for people looking to work from home.

Typical Affiliate Questions

Here's a list of the frequently asked questions to help you decide whether or not the Make Money From Writing Affiliate Program is for you:

  1. Why Become an Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate gives you the opportunity to earn an ongoing passive income. When you recommend the site to someone else and they join the program, you receive 40% commission for the life of their membership.
That's 40% a month, per member you refer, for as many months as they remain a member of the program.
Not only this, if that person you've recommended also recommends the site to someone else and that person joins too, you will receive 10% commission for their membership life. This is a great way to earn money every month, for just a little effort.
We value our affiliates because word of mouth and recommendation is the most effective form of marketing. Because of this, I reward my affiliates very generously and help them as much as I can. Most of the members have joined as a result of someone else's recommendation, which means they find that the site provides exceptional value and has really helped them.

  1. What Kind of Commission Can I Earn?

The affiliate program is set up with a two tier system, with a 40 – 10 split.  This sounds confusing, but it just means that you'll receive 40% of the $39 a month from each member you personally refer to the program.  The second tier allows you to earn 10% of the $39 a month for the life of any member who joins based on a referral by the members YOU introduced to Make Money From Writing.

If you tell Mike about the program and he joins, you receive 40% of Mike's membership payments each month.  When Mike decides he loves it and refers his friend Jen, you'll receive 10% of Jen's membership payments for as long as she's a member (and Mike will receive 40% of Jen's membership payments because she is his first tier).


Let's say that you:-

  • Introduce 10 people who stay in the program for 10 months.
  • Out of these (10 people) 3 people also introduce 10 people each, who also remain as members for 10 months.

Your affiliation share looks like this:-

  • 1st Tier - 10 members @ $39/month @40% -> $156 per month for 10 months (= $1560)
  • 2nd Tier - 30 members @ $39/month @10% -> $117 per month for 10 months (= $1170)
For introducing just 10 people who became members, you have earned a total of $2730 after 10 months.
  1. What Kind of Information do Members of the Make Money From Writing Mentoring Program Receive?
  • Access to a members-only website which is updated with valuable information and resources to help them build a profitable writing business.
  • Weekly eclasses through email that take them from setting up their workspace to finding paid work assignments and increasing their income via a step by step process.
  • Interviews with successful freelance writers for inspiration and tips.
  • A frequently asked question section on the website, as well as personal hand holding and advice when needed.
  • Offers and discounts to various writing resources and tools that will more than cover the cost of the mentoring program.
  • Notifications of possible subcontracting assignments available
  • and much, much more

  1. Do I Have to be a Paying Member of Your Site to be an Affiliate?

No, you don't.  It's a good idea to join the program because not only will it give you the ability to make money from writing and turn it into a profitable business, but it will help you recommend the program to others to enable the passive income.

  1. How do I Become an Affiliate and Does it Cost Anything?

It's free to become an affiliate.  You just click on this link to sign up and you can begin referring people right away.

  1. How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

The site will generate a unique code for you to use when referring people to the site.  The site remembers users who visit the site using your affiliate code through a combination of the computer's IP address and the cookies in their web browser.  When people you refer join the program, you start earning affiliate commissions.

    7.  How Do I Get My Unique Affiliate Code?

After you've signed up to become an affiliate (using this link click here) you'll be taken to the Make Money From Writing Affiliate Home Page.  Here you'll see step by step instructions regaridng how to get text or banners for marketing purposes that will all contain your unique affiliate code for tracking purposes.

  1. How Do I Know How Much Money I've Earned?

At anytime you can log into the Affiliate section of the website with your affiliate username and password.  This information is emailed to you when you sign up as an affiliate.  The link to the affiliates page is:

You'll find data about your commissions and tools to use for marketing the site.

  1. How Do I Get Paid?

You will need to have a PayPal account.  Your commissions will be sent to your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

  1. Do You Offer Support to Your Affiliats?

Yes!  There are banners and content for your web pages, as well as ideas for promoting the site in the affiliates area.  You can also email me with specific questions on

  1. Do You Have Any Tips for Being a Successful Affiliate?

I want you to be successful and earn a nice passive income for your promotion efforts.  Here are a few simple tips for earning an income as an affiliate:

  • Write a testimonial about the program.  If you have regular contact with a client list or customer database, then you will have a level of trust and relationship with these people.  By simplly recommending a program your trust will generate sales among people who are interested.
  • When sending emails about anything else, a short recommendation with your affiliate link is often enough to generate curiousity and cause people to check the site out.  Once they're there, a high percentage of people will want to see more.
  • Read the free page/free report info that provides 6 steps to setting up an online freelance writing business.  This will help you understand what the program is about and enable you to write an effective recommendation.

All that's left now is to start getting the word out and directing people to with your unique affiliate code to generate passive income for yourself!  Click here to get your affiliate code.

At anytime you can log on to the Affiliates section of the site using your affiliate user name and password (which will be emailed to you when you join up as an affiliate). The direct link to the affiliates login page is You'll find lots of instant data about your commissions and sub affiliate sign ups as well as useful tools to help you promote the site.